Monday, October 17, 2011

Stuff going on...

Sorry folks, I've been busy.  I am going to be slowly transitioning content now.  I've got a new Wordpress Randrol's Ramblings that will be more dharma teaching notes intensive.  (Wordpress has become one of those things all web professionals need to be fluent in, so I figure the most extensive of my useful content ought to go there.)  This current blog will remain for the usual personal blog stuff (whatever that means). 
So, that's where things are now.  I've got quite a backlog of notes I need to edit into useful form, which I hope to start making available soon.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Nuba Rinpoche – 2-day special Bodhichitta Generation teaching at TMC-Frederick 6/5/11

Continuing from this morning – 7 limbs. Related to the accumulate of merit through rejoicing at other’s good deed, as in the story of when a king invited Buddha and his retinue to his palace and made a big offering.  At the end, the Buddha asked the king “should I dedicate the merit of this to you – the king – or to the person who has gained more merits than you?”  The king thought, “Since I am the benefactor, I may be the one who gained most merit”, so the king said, “yes, dedicate to person with most merits.”  At that time, there was a beggar at the door of the palace.  He really rejoiced at the merit of the king, and that the king was making such a grand offering to Buddha.  When Buddha was about to dedicate, he surprised everyone when he used the name of the beggar at the door.  This shows that just by rejoicing at the good deeds of others, we can gain the same amount of merit.  

Saturday, May 14, 2011

First reminder-The Precious Life - Khandro Rinpoche

Notes from the DC "Not-a-Study-Group" discussion, 

1st section  of This Precious Life by Khandro Rinpoche - entering the gateway: she lays the groundwork, moving into 4 reminders.  The rest of the book is essentially the 4 reminders.  “Genuine appreciation of our human mind, body and potential, and with exertion, we can create the cause for genuine happiness. …”

Pg.17 - the Four Thoughts that Transform the Mind 
“Contemplating the preciousness of human existence brings a genuine appreciation of our human body, mind, and potential. With exertion we can create the cause for genuine happiness and benefit for others.”